Diversity and inclusion

Every day, thousands of people come to work for our department. Each time they walk through our doors, we want them to know how valued they are.

That's why we're committed to continue building a workplace that's as diverse as it is dynamic. The qualities that make each of our people unique aren't just embraced - they're valued. Because we know that when you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, you can fully realise your potential.

The spirit of diversity and inclusion is more than just an idea or a goal. It's a huge part of who we are as Victorians. We are working hard to build a workforce that is representative of our Victorian community. We know that actively supporting and encouraging diversity and inclusion in our workforce will enable us to do a better job for Victoria.

So regardless of your gender, your age, or your background, there's room for you to realise your potential here. And importantly, there's room to be yourself.

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Page last updated: 7 August 2017