Everyone's welcome to work for us – we embrace everyone from all cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender, or any disabilities people might be living with.

But inclusion means more than opening our doors to people from all walks of life. It means encouraging those people to be the best they can be and it means making them feel valued - not only for the great work they do, but also for the qualities that make them unique.

We're always working to ensure this inclusive culture doesn't just exist, but that it allows our people to thrive - and that our differences are celebrated.

That's why we're working hard to provide better support to our Aboriginal employees, better access to our employees with disabilities, and ensuring our LGBTI employees aren't defined by their sexual orientation.

More inclusive of our Aboriginal employees

We have programs in place for Aboriginal employees, so that they can feel supported and comfortable to share their insights and ideas. We offer Aboriginal employees support from job application right through to navigating the department with the help of our Aboriginal staff network.

In 2016, the Bullarto-Buluk Aboriginal Inclusion Action Plan 2016-2018 was launched which commits our employees to working in partnership with Aboriginal Victorians to support inclusive economic participation, advance reconciliation and contribute to state and national efforts to 'Close the Gap'.

In 2017, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade launched Tharamba Bugheen Victorian Aboriginal Business Strategy 2017-2021 which commits Victorian Government departments including DEDJTR to targets focusing on the economic development aspirations of Aboriginal Victorians. This includes specific targets for government procurement to bolster enterprise growth.

We want our Aboriginal employees to be proud of who they are, because we're just as proud to stand and work alongside them.

More accessible for our employees

A culture of inclusion is central to supporting those with accessibility needs. Our Access and Inclusion Framework is being developed and will form a big part of our inclusive culture and our vision to continually improve accessibility for our people.

More room to be yourself

We've always taken pride in being a department that supports people for who they who are, no matter what their sexual orientation.

Our LGBTI Pride Network provides a fantastic support network for our employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI), and continues to raise awareness across the department. The LGBTI Pride Network is known to be a big part of the reason that more and more LGBTI employees are coming to work each day feeling comfortable in their own skin.

We also work with external partners like Pride in Diversity, the only not-for-profit workplace program in the country designed specifically for the LGBTI community.

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Page last updated: 7 August 2017