Organisation structure

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) consists of five service delivery groups and two enabling groups.

Department's organisation chart 

 The organisation chart shows the executive level staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

Economic Development, Employment and Innovation group

Actively support and facilitate economic development, innovation, business and employment growth in Victoria through a range of facilitation, policy and investment partnerships and interventions.

DEDJTR functions

  • Investment attraction and facilitation
  • Market access and facilitation services for exporters
  • Supporting growth and change in regional Victoria
  • Positioning Victoria as a competitive tourism, conference and major event destination
  • Driving innovation and development of new practices and technology
  • Industry strategic policy and program initiatives
  • Major economic capital projects
  • Advising on private and public sector industrial relations
  • Aligning business workforce needs with labour markets
  • Aggregating and analysing business intelligence
  • Providing business information, advisory and referral services
  • Supporting the role of Victoria's Lead Scientist.

Creative Victoria group

Champion, promote and grow Victoria's creative industries which span arts, culture, screen and design.

DEDJTR functions

  • Developing and promoting creative industries
  • Supporting productivity, exports, investments and jobs in the screen, design and interactive gaming sectors
  • Creative industry strategy, policy and data
  • International engagement in Victoria's creative sector
  • Raising awareness of Victoria's creative sectors
  • Supporting funding and programs for creative industries agencies, arts organisations and cultural institutions
  • Overseeing state-owned arts facilities and collections
  • Coordinating relationships with other creative and cultural funding bodies.

Agriculture and Resources group

Work with industry, primary producers and rural communities across Victoria to drive sustainable economic growth in the food and fibre and natural resources sectors.

DEDJTR functions

  • Developing policy for agriculture, forest industries, food safety, biosecurity, fisheries and earth resources
  • Preparedness, response and recovery to fire, flood, biosecurity and mining emergencies
  • Providing access to and management of natural resources
  • Assisting export activity and investment attraction
  • Facilitating development projects
  • Delivering community and industry engagement, education, practice change and enforcement services
  • Research and development
  • Regulation and oversight of statutory regulators.

Transport group

Plan, deliver and oversee Victoria's transport system, infrastructure and services, and intergovernment relations.

DEDJTR functions

  • Developing strategies, plans, standards, performance indicators, programs and projects
  • Transport system operations, asset management and project management
  • Improving transport services
  • Developing and constructing of new transport infrastructure
  • Coordinating transport bodies
  • Providing strategic policy advice
  • Regulatory policy
  • Data and research into the transport system
  • Intergovernment relations.

Coordinator-General group

Deliver transport infrastructure projects.

DEDJTR functions

  • Delivering significant transport infrastructure projects including the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, the Level Crossing Removal Project and the Mernda Rail Extension.

Strategy and Planning group

Strategically plan, research, analyse and manage knowledge, deliver strategic projects, coordinate the government's emergency response, and undertake strategic communications and engagement with Commonwealth, state and local governments.

DEDJTR functions

  • Strategic intent, including economic reform priorities, and strategic planning
  • Managing integrated planning and investment cycle
  • Data, analysis, strategic research and evaluation
  • Developing and delivering outcomes framework and monitoring performance
  • Integrating strategic advice into an overarching economic strategy and narrative
  • Delivering cross-portfolio strategic projects
  • Coordinating Commonwealth-state engagement and collaborating with local government
  • Managing reform to improve the regulatory environment
  • Fostering workforce access and participation
  • Delivering strategic communications advice, services and products
  • Coordinating emergency management.

Corporate Services group

Support the department's critical business functions and provide strategic advice to drive performance and improve financial sustainability of the department and portfolio agencies.

DEDJTR functions

  • Developing long-term budget strategy
  • Budget directions and financial sustainability
  • Integrated planning and investment cycle
  • Portfolio governance
  • Performance and accountability framework, including performance reporting
  • Procurement framework and rules
  • Commercial advisory services
  • Financial systems, including reporting and compliance
  • Providing procurement and information services
  • Implementing the ICT strategy
  • Managing human resources and workplace services for the department
  • Supporting portfolio ministers in their cabinet, parliamentary and other responsibilities
  • Delivering legislative programs
  • Providing legal services and advice
  • Internal governance frameworks including internal audit, risk management and business continuity, and business planning
  • Promoting integrity and managing fraud and risks
  • Delivering the organisational development strategy DEDJTR Connects and a cultural change program.

Page last updated: 24 March 2017