Department's organisation chart

The organisation chart shows the executive level staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

View the Department's organisation chart DEDJTR-organisation chart (PDF 127.45 KB)PDF icon (as of 9 Jan 2017)


  • Richard Bolt

Office of the Secretary

  • Director: Sharn Enzinger

Economic Development, Employment and Innovation

  • Lead Deputy Secretary: Justin Hanney


Industrial Relations Victoria

  • Deputy Secretary: Matt O'Connor

Investment and Economic Projects

  • Deputy Secretary: Matt Carrick

Metropolitan Economic Development Victoria

  • Chief Executive Officer: Monique Dawson

Programs, Small Business and Employment

  • Deputy Secretary: Lill Healy

Regional Development Victoria

  • Chief Executive Officer: James Flintoft

Sector Development Division

  • Acting Deputy Secretary: Tim Ada

Trade Victoria

  • Deputy Secretary: Jay Meek

Development Victoria

  • Interim Chief Executive Officer: Gregory Anderson

Office of the Lead Scientist

  • Lead Scientist: Amanda Caples

Visit Victoria

  • Chief Executive Officer: Peter Bingeman

Creative Victoria

Deputy Secretary: Andrew Abbott


Agencies and Infrastructure

  • Director: Michael O'Leary

Arts Investment

  • Director: Jane Crawley

Strategic Marketing and Communications

  • Director: Linda Fleet

Strategy, Screen and Design

  • Director: Michael Hudson

Agriculture and Resources

Lead Deputy Secretary: Luke Wilson


Agriculture and Rural

  • Deputy Secretary: Emily Phillips

Agriculture Services and Biosecurity Operations

  • Executive Director: Beth Jones


  • Executive Director: Travis Dowling


  • Deputy Secretary: Natalia Southern


Lead Deputy Secretary: Gillian Miles


Asset and Network Development

  • Interim Deputy Secretary: Robert Abboud

Investment and Engagement

  • Deputy Secretary: Kerry Thompson 

Network Planning

  • Interim Deputy Secretary: Michael Hopkins

Operational Coordination

  • Deputy Secretary: Melanie Nanscawe

Policy and Reform

  • Deputy Secretary: Megan Bourke-O'Neil

Rolling Stock Development

  • Chief Executive Officer: Wendy McMillan

Major Transport Infrastructure Program

Coordinator-General: Corey Hannett


Office of the Coordinator-General

  • Strategic Safety Adviser: Anne Taylor
  • Director, Commercial and Legal Program: Joshua Miller
  • Director, Strategic Stakeholder Management: Matt Phelan
  • Director, Office of the Coordinator-General: Max Coffman

Administrative Offices

Level Crossing Removal Authority
  • Chief Executive Officer: Kevin Devlin
Melbourne Metro Rail Authority
  • Chief Executive Officer: Evan Tattersall
Western Distributor Authority
  • Chief Executive Officer: Peter Sammut 

Strategy and Planning

Lead Deputy Secretary: Anthea Harris


Economic Development Strategic Projects

  • Executive Director: Graeme Maddern

Emergency Management

  • Executive Director: Mark Duckworth

Policy, Planning and Performance

  • Executive Director: Peter Betson

Strategic Communications

  • Executive Director: Tess Hughes

Corporate Services

  • Lead Deputy Secretary: Sue Eddy


Financial Management

  • Chief Financial Officer: Greg Forck

Legal and Legislation

  • Executive Director General Counsel: Louise Johnson

Ministerial and Portfolio Services

  • Executive Director: James Kelly

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Operating Officer: James Florent

People and Workplace Services

  • Executive Director: Vicki Lahey

Strategic Procurement

  • Chief Procurement Officer: Lisa Williams

Technology Services

  • Chief Information Officer: Alex Jones

Page last updated: 9 January 2017