Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN)

The Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) is the Victorian Government's major activity to help disadvantaged Victorian jobseekers gain employment. JVEN services are delivered by specialist employment experts who work closely with employers to identify job opportunities and prepare job seekers for those roles.

JVEN includes services that:

  • focus on disadvantaged Victorian jobseekers who require assistance to gain employment
  • actively engage with employers to identify job opportunities and assist in meeting industry workforce needs
  • offer flexible services designed to meet the needs of disadvantaged jobseekers and responsive to particular local / regional needs
  • link to community support services to meet the needs of disadvantaged jobseekers and maximise employment outcomes
  • provide services that address gaps in and complement existing services, including Commonwealth services.

Which priority jobseekers are assisted by JVEN?

The profile of jobseekers assisted will vary from location to location, depending on population and on existing services, but may include:

  • long term unemployed people from culturally diverse communities including refugees and asylum seekers
  • Aboriginal jobseekers
  • mature age jobseekers
  • youth justice clients
  • young people in out-of-home care
  • workers retrenched from the automotive manufacturing and supply chain industry
  • other retrenched workers
  • disengaged young people (aged 15-24 and not engaged in education, training or employment)
  • single parents
  • jobseekers with a disability
  • jobseekers with a mental illness
  • social housing tenants
  • ex-offenders
  • veterans and their families.

Page last updated: 12 January 2017