Jobs Victoria Employment Network referral policy

Who can access JVEN services?

Access to Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) services is limited to Victorian jobseekers who face barriers to finding and retaining work and lack adequate support from other services.

Priority access will be provided to jobseekers who meet these criteria and are referred by other Victorian Government services (e.g. youth services, social housing services, family support services, corrections services).

Jobseekers referred to JVEN must be:

  • long-term unemployed (six months or more) or at risk of long-term unemployment
  • either ineligible for other employment services, or not receiving adequate employment services that meets their needs
  • assessed as likely to benefit from JVEN assistance
  • voluntarily seeking assistance through JVEN to find work.

Where clients of Victorian Government services are referred to JVEN and continue to need support for non-vocational matters, the referring organisation will work with the JVEN provider to develop a collaborative support plan.

JVEN service providers will record details of all referrals as part of the participant registration process.

How can I refer a client to JVEN?

If your organisation would like to refer a client to a JVEN service, please contact the most relevant JVEN service provider to discuss the proposed referral and their capacity to assist.

Download a JVEN referral form JVEN referral form interactive3.pdf (PDF 512.67 KB)PDF icon

An accessible version is not currently available. Work to create an accessible version may already be in progress or an accessible version can be provided on request. Please contact Digital and Social Media team via if you need further information about this document.

Jobs Victoria will organise regular forums in each region for relevant services to meet and discuss collaboration. For information on upcoming forums or for assistance with JVEN service providers, contact the Jobs Victoria team at or call 1300 208 575.

Responsibilities of each organisation

Below is a summary of responsibilities for the JVEN service provider and referring organisations.

Referring organisation JVEN service provider
Assess readiness of client for employment assistance -
Assess services available to assist client, including jobactive, Transition to Work, TAFE Skills and Jobs Centres and Disability Employment Services -
Where client lacks adequate employment support, contact relevant JVEN service provider to discuss referral Discuss client needs and capacity to assist.
Accept referral or propose other service where appropriate.
Complete referral form and provide to JVEN service. Where client is referred, register client on GEMS, including recording details of referring organisation. Retain referral form on file.
Offer ongoing client support as required Liaise with referring organisation as required.

The department will review the referral process for retrenched automotive workers at the end of March 2017.

Page last updated: 25 January 2017