Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme Launch

Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme Launch

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[Title: Jobs Victoria - Youth Cadetship Scheme Launch]

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Gayle Tierney - Minister for Training and Skills

Accessible pathways to meaningful jobs for all Victorians, particularly our most vulnerable and our young, is so important.

Richard Bolt - Secretary DEDJTR

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The Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme is what we're launching today, and it is a really important new pathway for disadvantaged young job seekers to embark on a career in the public sector.

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It builds on what has been an increasingly successful youth employment scheme, YES Traineeship Scheme.

Renee Parker - YES Trainee Graduate

Well I now have a – I have the qualification but I also have experience in a role within the Government, and this could lead to bigger and better things for me.

Karen Batt - State Secretary CPSU

The lack of any real training opportunities based on sectoral needs, and real life work experience, has meant many young people, who for whatever reason, have not been able to get a degree, have in the past found it difficult, if not impossible, to get a job in the Victorian public service.

Fiona Plum - YES Trainee Graduate

It's affected my life pretty – pretty mega, because I actually grew up in a small country town so I had to move to Melbourne to get this job, which was a big deal for me.  Like I live – I live two and half hours away, so it's changed dramatically.  And from working in a supermarket to working in an office in public service is, yeah, massive.

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The cadetships will provide 135 disadvantaged young people with a two year cadetship in the public service following the completion of a traineeship.  The scheme will run as a pilot program from 2017 to 2020, and enable participants to commence in a Certificate IV in Government.  And together with Certificate III training completed, as a YES trainee, provides a solid foundation on the understanding of how the public sector works.

[Richard Bolt speaking

The fact that there's disadvantage there doesn't mean that we're doing it, that it's just a benefit to the young person.  The public sector gets a lot of benefit from it as well because they are motivated, and they're prepared to learn things.

Bree Rowland - YES Trainee Graduate

It's reassuring that trainees now know that they have a future within the Department and a career opportunity to do so and develop themselves.

[Karen Batt speaking]

Making Government an accessible and inclusive employer sets an example for other employers in the state, demonstrating the importance of giving Victoria's young people a go.

[Victoria State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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