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[Title: Shaping Drought Relief – Don't go it alone]

Jaala Pulford – Minister for Agriculture
Drought affects everyone. It affects farmers and it affects entire communities.

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Back in November last year the Andrew's Labor Government said that we wanted to hear from the community about what was the best use for the $10m Drought Support Fund. And, that's exactly what we've done.

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Drought policy is a complex area. And, there's been some really clear feedback from communities that are affected by drought.

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Both through the online forum, but also in the conversations that I've had with people in affected communities.

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Over a six week period the forum attracted strong community participation, engaging 3,305 people who posted 84 ideas. There were over 20,000 votes and 460 comments.

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I'd like to say a very big thank you to everyone who made the time to have their say in this important conversation.

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The forum uncovered a number of key themes. The importance of support for communities that are doing it tough.

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The need to help farmers, not just to prepare for and manage this drought, but to be ready for the next dry spell.

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And the importance of recreational water, having footy fields that can be played on at the start of the season, and places that people can go to get some respite from the dry.

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The significance of water both in terms of access and infrastructure can't be overstated.

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We have been and will continue to work with farmers and rural communities affected by drought.

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Work is already underway to deliver some of those initiatives outlined last November, stock containment, making it easier for kids to go to kindergarten.

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The employment program is up and running and I was pleased to meet someone the other day who has taken up this opportunity for off-farm income and community programs.

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This $10m Drought Support Program won't go all the way, but it's another step.

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And, I'm working closely with Premier Daniel Andrews, and the Minister for Environment Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville, to finalise this package.

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We'll be in a position to announce this soon.

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So, thank you so much for having your say. It's really important in shaping how we allocate this $10m, that's part of the government's $27m Drought Support Package.

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We'll continue to work closely with communities that are impacted by drought. And, we'll continue to monitor conditions really closely to make sure that the Government support we're able to provide, is the right support, in the right time, at the right place. Thank you.


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