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[Title: Victoria's Future Industries. Growing Victoria's priority industry sectors to create jobs]

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Professor Linda Kristjanson – Vice-Chancellor – Swinburne University of Technology

We're very excited today to hear the Minister's announcement because it really does give us a framework and a platform for future industries.

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Lily D'Ambrosio – Minister for Industry

It's appropriate that we are here at of course at Swinburne University's Factory of the Future. A visible demonstration of our commitment to supporting advanced manufacturing. And advanced manufacturing of course is the future of Victoria, and today's event is all about that.

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We have high quality infrastructure, skilled workers, word-class liveability, well connected cities, productive land and resources, all in close proximity to Asia.

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But we need of course to harness these strengths if we are to grow our priority sectors, the sectors that will shape this century and beyond.

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That is why we established a $200 million future industries fund to fully realise growth potential in the industries of the future, and to create the jobs that come with them.

[Lily D'Ambrosio speaking – slides of different types of technologies]

These priority sectors are medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, new energy technologies, food and fibre, defence technologies, construction technologies, transport technologies, international education, and professional services. Collectively these sectors have the potential to drive up to $70 billion in additional economic output.

[Lily D'Ambrosio speaking]

And, create over 400,000 new jobs for Victorians by 2025.

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Tim Piper – Director – A1 Group (Vic)

Well, what it means is that Government is supporting companies to look at innovation. The fact that they are going to include small businesses and larger businesses, and particularly there's matching funding. Too often there's not enough funding to make a difference and I think this really will. And, it will encourage companies to look ahead and to find something where they can look for Government support.

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[Lily D'Ambrosio speaking]

I also have the pleasure today of announcing at $20 million sector growth program, which provides funding for Victorian-based industry-lead projects that support one or more of these strategies. The purpose of this program is to create local jobs, encourage collaboration, co-investment and growth, and ultimately make Victoria the leading State in each future industries priority sector.

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Two streams of funding apply to this program. Stream one provides matching funding of up to $100,000 to scope, plan and investigate growth opportunities.

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This could include supply chain mapping, or opportunity audits, or economic impact analysis.

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Stream two provides matching funding of up to a million dollars for the implementation of projects that will create new local jobs, and increase the international competitiveness of Victorian businesses.

[Lily D'Ambrosio speaking]

So, for example, projects can include those that invest in shared infrastructure solution, pilot new technologies, or establish consolidated industry capability. We are inviting applications from consortia of at least three organisations, including a Victorian SME and that is obviously a vital part of the equation in terms of the supply chain capability.

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This requirement promotes collaboration, particularly between research and industry, but also within and across industry sectors.

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Applications for the Sector Growth Program are now open, and you can find out more about this on our Business Victoria website.


Dr Stephen Gumley AO – Member of Defence Council Victoria

Australia is about to embark on a massive capability upgrade for the defence forces and Victoria has a wonderful concentration of science, technology and maths professionals. And these sectors will help get that sector get organised so that Victoria can pick up a lot more work out of these major new defence projects.

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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