Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund

Children enjoy the Echuca Discovery Centre on the Murray River.The $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund (RJIF) is growing jobs, building infrastructure and strengthening communities throughout regional Victoria. The fund forms part of a number of initiatives that recognise the need for government and local communities to work together, to deliver the projects and services that will bring more jobs and families to regional Victoria and boost local business. The projects  funded through the RJIF will create jobs and kick-start growth, putting the regions back at the heart of Victoria's economy.

Regional Development Victoria (RDV) manages the RJIF's three programs:

  • the Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF)
  • the Regional Jobs Fund (RJF)
  • the Stronger Regional Communities Plan (SRCP).

Regional Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF) invests in major infrastructure projects to create or enhance the conditions for economic growth in regional Victoria, and build diversified and sustainable regional economies that are resilient to change.

The RIF provides public grant funding for the following four program streams:

Regional Jobs Fund

The primary aim of the Regional Jobs Fund (RJF) is to facilitate job creation and retain existing jobs. The fund aims to improve regional capacity, innovation and capitalise on the potential of emerging industry sectors, particularly the Government's priority areas and new export markets.

The RJF provides support for strategic projects and infrastructure through the following four public grant program streams:

The $20 million Food Source Victoria initiative will be funded under the Market Access program stream. Food  Source Victoria will build alliances across the agrifood sector to grow exports and build industry capabilities, and has its own targeted grant program.

Stronger Regional Communities Plan

The Stronger Regional Communities Plan (SRCP) supports rural and regional towns in attracting families and young people to live and work. Investing in community led initiatives and partnerships that create or enhance the conditions for economic growth, building community capabilities to drive change,  and improving the liveability of regional and rural towns.

The SRCP supports small grants of up to $50,000 under the following two program streams:

More information

For more information visit the Regional Development Victoria website.

Page last updated: 3 November 2016