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[Title: Western Distributor Reference Design]

The Western Distributor will provide a vital second river crossing while saving 20 minutes when travelling from the west.

Ongoing design work and feedback from communities, councils and industry has been incorporated into the project's Reference Design.

Congestion and traffic flow along the West Gate Freeway will be improved by widening from 8 to 12 lanes. A new road layout, including express lanes to the West Gate Bridge will improve reliability and reduce travel times.

A connection at Hyde Street moves trucks directly between local industry and the freeway.

The design includes a seamless entry and exit to the Western Distributor tunnel, with portals within the West Gate Freeway, taking trucks off local roads in the inner west, and providing direct access to Australia's busiest container port – meaning more efficient movement of goods.

The project's urban design strategy responds to feedback, and will enhance the places through which it passes.

An elevated section along Footscray Road will provide access to East Swanston Dock, CityLink and city north, taking through-traffic out of the CBD and supporting new job precincts.

And the project will now include nearly 10 kilometres of new and upgraded cycling and walking paths.

There'll be more opportunities to have your say about this design, and innovative solutions by tenderers, for the construction of Melbourne's Western Distributor.

[Western Distributor: westerndistributorproject.vic.gov.au]

Page last updated: 24 January 2017