Whether you walk, cycle, drive or use public transport, we're looking after your network as well as delivering major projects across Victoria.

About Transport For Victoria

Learn about Transport For Victoria and the strategies and plans that guide our work.

Major projects

We're working to deliver major transport projects which will relieve road and rail congestion, improve services and support Victoria's future economic growth.

Rail and roads

Transport For Victoria is working to deliver projects to improve Victoria’s transport network.


Transport For Victoria is delivering projects to ensure the efficient movement of freight across Victoria.


Transport For Victoria is working to deliver projects at Victoria’s major ports, as well as initiatives for local ports and the boating and fishing industry.

Walking and cycling

Transport For Victoria supports cycling and walking through a range of projects and initiatives in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Emergency management

Information about emergency management and marine pollution incidents.

Research and data

Transport For Victoria has prepared integrated strategies that set the direction to improve public and private transport, the movement of freight, the development of our ports and other major infrastructure.


Transport For Victoria develops regulatory policy, legislation and regulations relating to the Minister for Public Transport, the Minister for Roads and the Minister for Ports.

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