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Transport strategies and plans

This page provides information about a number of strategies and long-term plans which are being developed.

Metropolitan Planning Strategy

Plan Melbourne is the Victorian Government's vision for the city to 2050.

It provides us with a clear vision for our future that responds to the challenges of population growth, driving economic prosperity and liveability, while protecting our environment and heritage.

For the first time, the strategy addresses Melbourne's infrastructure, housing, employment and environmental challenges with an integrated approach to planning and development that includes land use, transport, and social and community infrastructure.

Visit the Plan Melbourne website to download a copy and learn more about the plan.

Principal Public Transport Network

The Principal Public Transport Network is a key component of Plan Melbourne for transport and land use integration and is reflected in planning schemes across Victoria.

Cycling strategy

A cycling strategy has been released for Victoria, which covers cycling for recreation, sport and exercise as well as for affordable and sustainable transport.

Network Development Plan - Metropolitan Rail

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has completed a detailed examination of how Melbourne's train system needs to evolve to meet the needs of the city and of train passengers in the short, medium and long term. 

Visit the PTV website to read the plan.

Page last reviewed on 31 March 2017

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