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Principal Public Transport Network

The Principal Public Transport Network (PPTN) is a key component of Plan Melbourne, and is reflected in planning schemes across Victoria.

The PPTN is a statutory land use planning tool that supports integrated land use and transport planning by providing certainty to planners and the community about locations that are, or will be, served by high-quality public transport.

The PPTN is an incorporated document PPTN Map (PDF 2995.24 KB)PDF icon under Clause 81.01 of the Victoria Planning Provisions and must be taken into account by responsible authorities in decision-making. Incorporated documents can only be amended by the Minister through a planning scheme amendment process.

The PPTN reflects the network of current and committed high-quality public transport services. It is designed to support integrated transport and land use planning, by encouraging more diverse and dense development near high-quality public transport to help support public transport usage.

Next steps

In 2017, the department will lead community consultation with key stakeholders to determine the extent of the future Principal Public Transport Network. Consultation will consider potential existing and future links before the current PPTN is updated towards the end of 2017.

The Principal Freight Network is another key policy in Plan Melbourne which provides clarity for state and local governments and communities in land use planning and decision making. The Principal Freight Network has been featured in past freight strategy documents and is used to ensure that efficient freight movements are supported while protecting urban amenity. An update to the Principal Freight Network is required before more statutory weight is applied to the network.

Frequently asked questions

Read some Principal Public Transport Network frequently asked questions for more information.

PPTN mapping tool

The PPTN Mapping tool (mapping tool is embedded in page) allows users to zoom in to different locations across Melbourne to easily show where the PPTN is.

 You can download the PPTN data set used for this map from the Victorian Open Data Directory or open the map in a full screen.

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