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Former employee records and other in general requests

The department is the statutory successor for the following abolished entities:

  • Public Transport Corporation
  • Southern Cross Station Authority (formerly called Spencer Street Station Authority)

The department is also a contact point for the following former public transport operators:

  • National Express Group Australia
  • M>Train (formerly called Bayside Trains)
  • M>Tram (formerly called Swanston Trams)
  • Connex Melbourne Pty Ltd (formerly called Melbourne Transport Enterprises Pty Ltd (trading as Connex)) (formerly Hillside Trains)
  • Metrolink Victoria Pty Ltd (trading as Yarra Trams)

Records held by the department

The records in our custody and information services focus on:

  • ex-employee personal records
  • ex-employee Pre 1985 Workers Compensation & Work Cover records
  • ex-employee pay roll records
  • transport operational policy documents and history
  • facilitating genealogical searches if the relevant legal requisites allow it
  • assisting with issues in relation to Superannuation
  • providing advice concerning pre-1985 Workers compensation & Workcover
  • obtaining a service letter in relation to claiming overseas pension
  • obtaining a service letter in relation to Retired Employee Travel Authority

Requesting records

It is not necessary to make a Freedom of Information request for these records. The records may be made available directly to you upon request by an authorised person.

To make a request for access to former employee records email us.

If you want to make general inquiries about these records contact the Claims Officer on 03 9655 1709.

Page last reviewed on 20 June 2016

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