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Student enquiries

The department receives many requests from students seeking information on Victoria's transport system. The sheer volume of enquiries means that Ministers cannot participate in student interviews and we can't always assist everyone individually. To support students and researchers we have put together a list of specialised resources which provide access to transport statistics, Minister's statements, and more.

Operations and projects

Transport planning and projects

Public Transport Victoria is the authority that coordinates Victoria's public transport network. Transport project information can be found on the PTV website.

Other transport planning and projects can be found on the transport website.

Public Transport Victoria

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) keeps information on PTV products, services and projects. The communications team welcomes student enquiries; however priority is given to enquiries from media organisations.

It is only possible to respond to students via email. Students should provide a name, contact email, phone number and university / school being attended and advise whether the request is for publication or an assignment.

Submit requests by emailing at least five working days before deadline. Enquiries submitted within a shorter deadline may not be answered.

Statistics and surveys

Victorian Transport Statistics Portal

The Victorian Transport Statistics Portal has searchable data on topics including:

  • method of travel to work
  • crash statistics
  • surveys of travel attitudes and behaviours.

Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity

The Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA) provides a detailed picture of how people in and around Melbourne travel on an average day. Some travel data is also collected for some of Victoria's major regional centres. This data is freely available through a customised online analysis tool, VISTA Online. VISTA data, as well as fact sheets summarising the survey findings are available on the VISTA web page

Ministers' comments

Questions in Parliament

Everything Ministers say during question time is transcribed and can be searched online.

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