The Victorian Government is committed to developing and promoting walking for transport.

Pedestrian access is integral to the functioning of a city and an important element of the transport system for the many short trips people make in central Melbourne, including trips to public transport stops.

Walking also has an important role to play in improving the health of Victorians - studies show that incorporating walking into our daily routines reduces the risk of contracting a range of diseases, and can assist in recovery and maintaining overall wellbeing.

Walking already makes up a significant number of the trips taken across Melbourne – two thirds of all trips in the city of Melbourne are on foot, and a third of these are business trips.

Getting even more people walking, particularly around local activity centres, schools and connecting with other forms of transport, will help meet our transport needs as Melbourne grows.

The department plays a guiding role in providing for walking and pedestrians.

VicRoads and local governments play a vital role in planning for and providing pedestrian infrastructure.

The department is currently undertaking the following initiatives to support walking:

Page last reviewed on 28 August 2015

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