Ministerial Freight Advisory Council

The Victorian Government established the Ministerial Freight Advisory Council (MFAC) in 2012 to provide mechanism to work closely with industry on initiatives for improving the efficiency and productivity of Victoria's freight and logistics sector,

The purpose of the Ministerial Freight Advisory Council is to support strategic policy development for freight and logistics through ongoing liaison at the highest level between the public and private sectors. The MFAC is a forum for the Government to discuss and receive feedback on key issues and potential policy initiatives and for MFAC representatives to present Government with views and ideas on key matters of interest. 

Victoria's freight and logistics sector is a key strategic asset that delivers a vital competitive advantage for the State, driving economic growth and employment. However, the industry is facing significant challenges in coming years as the size of the freight task continues to grow whilst pressures of operating in urban environments also increase.

In addressing the freight challenge, the State Government recognises the importance of partnering with the freight industry and its customers to support effective policy development and deliver initiatives that enhance efficiency and boost the productivity of the sector. The Government considers that direct, targeted engagement between key industry representatives and Ministers is critical to ensuring that policy initiatives are well designed and effectively targeted.

The role and function of the MFAC is to:

  • Inform the Government of trends, issues, barriers and innovations affecting performance of the freight and logistics sector;
  • Provide advice to Government on potential initiatives for improving the efficiency and productivity of Victoria's freight and logistics sector;
  • Provide a forum for communicating progress and identifying issues in the implementation of Government freight policies and strategies;
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness on communication of freight and logistics related issues between industry and the Government; and
  • Oversee organisation and delivery of an annual Freight and Logistics Sector Ministerial Round Table event.

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Page last reviewed on 13 November 2015

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