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Taxi reform legislation

The Transport Legislation Amendment (Foundation Taxi and Hire Car Reforms) Act 2013 implements key recommendations of the Taxi Industry Inquiry conducted by Professor Allan Fels.

This Act represents the first piece of legislation implementing the Inquiry's foundation reforms.

The Act provides a foundation for transforming the taxi and hire car industry in Victoria.  The foundation recommendations of the Taxi Industry Inquiry include:

  1. removing restrictions on the number of new taxi licences issued, with the Taxi Services Commission monitoring the impact
  2. creating a four tier taxi zone system
  3. providing better conditions and pay for taxi drivers with a guaranteed 55 per cent of takings
  4. enabling pre-booked hire cars to provide a more diverse range of services
  5. improving the approach to taxi fare regulation to address issues such as cab shortages, long waiting times, short trip refusal and airport overcrowding
  6. reducing non-cash payment surcharges by five per cent and providing for the ongoing review and regulation of non-cash payment surcharges
  7. introducing new powers and functions for the Taxi Services Commission to better regulate industry participants from 1 July 2013.

Part 5 of the Act which changed the object, functions and powers of the Taxi Services Commission commenced on 1 July 2013, the day that the Taxi Services Commission commenced as Victoria's new taxi and hire car regulator.

Further legislation will continue to overhaul existing taxi and hire car legislation and regulation. This will include the repeal of Part VI of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 and the introduction of a new standalone taxi and hire car statute.

Further information

For further information email James Lavery or call (03) 8392 5924.

Read the Minister's second reading speech.

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