High Capacity Metro Trains Project

The Victorian Government is investing in 65 next-generation high capacity trains for the metropolitan network.

These high capacity metro trains (HCMTs) will be able to carry around 20 per cent more passengers than existing trains and will be equipped with the latest technology for passenger comfort, accessibility and safety. High capacity metro trains will progressively enter service from mid-2019, operating first on the Cranbourne-Pakenham lines, and will eventually run through the new Metro Tunnel to Sunbury.

About the project

The High Capacity Metro Trains project delivers the first two stages of the Victorian Government's metro rolling stock strategy and includes:

  • 65 high capacity metro trains
  • a new depot at Pakenham East, including a train maintenance facility to enable servicing of 80 HCMTs and stabling of 30 HCMTs
  • a light service facility at Calder Park to support operation of HCMTs on the Sunbury line
  • two train simulators to support the training of drivers
  • maintenance of the HCMTs over 30 years

The Victorian Government has entered into a contract with Evolution Rail via a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. Evolution Rail comprises Downer Rail, CRRC Changchun and Plenary.

The HCMT Project Summary has been tabled in parliament as per the Department of Treasury and Finance's Partnerships Victoria requirement.

Download the HCMT Project Summary HCMT project summary (PDF 872.53 KB)PDF icon

Tenders Vic has made available the HCMT Project Agreement.

Passenger benefits

The new HCMTs will provide passengers with:

  • a smoother, quieter, more spacious ride with comfortable seating and enhanced standing areas
  • improved accessibility features
  • cooling and heating appropriate for Melbourne conditions
  • the latest safety features from around the world
  • up to date and reliable passenger information about the journey.

The trains will be fitted with high capacity signalling technology to enable more trains to run more often.

Local content and workforce development

The new HCMTs will be built using at least 60 per cent local content and will be built in Victoria at the Newport manufacturing facility. The project will involve local suppliers and businesses from across Victoria and will result in around 1,100 jobs over its lifetime, including throughout the supply chain.

The project is being delivered in accordance with the Victorian Government's Major Projects Skills Guarantee. The workforce will feature 15 per cent apprentices, trainees or cadets and 7 per cent from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Line upgrades to prepare for the high capacity metro trains

Melbourne's busiest rail corridor is receiving an upgrade to prepare for the introduction of the new high capacity metro trains.


This video is an animation with no spoken word.

[Preparing for High Capacity Metro Trains - Rail Systems Upgrade]

[Power and signalling upgrades planned for the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines]

[A number of power and signalling points along the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines are shown]

[Getting ready for new trains in 2019]

[Image showing that platforms will be extended for the longer new high capacity trains]

[Cranbourne and Pakenham track duplication]

[Critical power and signalling updates]

[Enabling new trains to run]

[Bigger trains more often more reliable]

[High Capacity Metro Trains adding capacity on our busiest lines]

[Victoria Stage Government logo]


To find out more about how your trip may be affected visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007.

Media releases

For more information on the High Capacity Metro Trains Project email HCMTProject@ecodev.vic.gov.au

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