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Local ports

This page provides information about the governments responsibilities around Victoria's local ports.

Gippsland Ports Board appointments
Expressions of interest are now open for the five positions, including Chair, on the board of Gippsland Ports Committee of Management Incorporated – more commonly known as Gippsland Ports.

Review of local ports regulations - the dedicated port management regulations governing activities within Victoria's local ports are due to expire and updated regulations are proposed. 

Functions and attractions - local ports along Victoria's coasts provide services to the commercial fishing industry, charter boats, and recreational fishing and boating interests.  They are also key recreation and tourist assets and contribute significantly to the local economies.

Locations of local ports - a list of State owned local ports that are managed locally under delegation with funding provided by the State Government. 

Roles and responsibilities - information about the operation and management of the local ports.

Local ports projects - information about infrastructure upgrade and improvement projects for Victoria's local ports

Page last reviewed on 16 April 2017

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