Box Hill bus interchange

The Box Hill bus interchange is a major public transport hub.

The interchange opened in 1987 as part of the Box Hill Central shopping centre, which sits above the train station and near the terminus for the route 109 tram.

Box Hill has experienced substantial commercial and residential growth in recent years and with this growth expected to continue, the Victorian Government has committed to explore the options available to improve the Box Hill bus interchange.

Ministerial Advisory Group

The Victorian Government established a Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG)  to provide recommendations to the Minister for Public Transport on options for the interchange. The MAG includes local community representatives and is chaired by the Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region and Shaun Leane.

What's happening

The MAG has established working groups and a program for developing options for the future of the bus interchange.

The working groups have reviewed previous work by the City of Whitehorse and transport agencies and have reported to the MAG on current issues and outcomes of previous work.

The MAG has undertaken a workshop to consolidate the broad range of stakeholder needs and visions for the interchange.

The MAG  has provided its recommendations to the Minister for Public Transport for consideration.


June 2015 – Box Hill Interchange Terms of Reference Box-Hill-Interchange-Ministerial-Advisory-Group-Terms-of-Reference.doc (DOC 51.5 KB)DOC icon


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