Fairer fare enforcement

From 1 January 2017, a new approach to fare compliance will be introduced to Victoria.

The new approach is fairer, allows more systematic use of warnings in certain circumstances when people inadvertently do not pay their fare, and replaces the current two-tiered approach of infringements and on the spot penalty fares.

Key features include:

  • No more penalty fares
  • Greater leniency and discretion
  • More systematic use of warnings in certain circumstances for passengers who inadvertently do not pay their fare
  • Targets repeat and deliberate fare evaders
  • Better training and support for Authorised Officers
  • Improved infringement processing
  • myki system upgrades

Making it easy to pay a fare

People will find it easier to pay their public transport fare with several improvements to the myki system which will be rolled out by 1 January 2017. These include:

  • Making online top ups available in 90 minutes
  • Louder beeps on myki machines
  • Installation of anti-glare screens on myki machines
  • More purchase and top up options to be explored
  • Trial of quick top up and check machines at 10 locations
  • Trial of new, faster myki readers on an E-Class tram and bus

Review of ticketing compliance and enforcement

The simpler, fairer and more efficient public transport ticketing infringement system follows two separate reviews of Victoria's ticketing compliance and enforcement system.

The Government's review of Victoria's ticketing compliance and enforcement found that while more passengers are paying their fares, the current system is inequitable, unfair and actually encourages fare evasion.

The Victorian Ombudsman's investigation into fare evasion enforcement strategies also found the current system is not striking the right balance between fare compliance and what is fair and reasonable.

The Victorian government has accepted the recommendations in both reports and is getting on with improving the public transport infringement system.

More information

More information about penalty fares can be found on the PTV website

Page last reviewed on 3 January 2017

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