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FleetWise was a Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure program that assisted participating organisations to improve their fleet fuel efficiency.

The Victorian FleetWise program was administered on behalf of the Department by Rare Consulting (a division of Pitt & Sherry).

The Victorian FleetWise program helped participants to:

  • understand their fleet profile and energy use
  • find practical strategies to improve fleet efficiency
  • implement, measure and refine a fleet management plan for their organisation.

Key results

The Victorian FleetWise program was successful in assisting participants to improve their fleet efficiency, reduce fuel costs, reduce their organisation's environmental footprint and increase industry capability.

Some of the key results from the one year pilot program include:

149 tonne reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions

  • Aggregate greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 149 tonnes (2%) for the fleets that completed the one-year assessment.
  • A positive result given that the majority of the fleets grew in size over the 12 month period.

5% improvement in Greenhouse Gas intensity

  • Average greenhouse gas intensity of the aggregate fleet decreased by 11 grams CO2-e per kilometre (5%).
  • All participating fleets successfully improved their greenhouse gas intensity - improvements ranged by up to 9%.

3% improvement in air quality score

  • The average air quality score of the fleets (as determined by the Green Vehicle Guide) improved by 0.16 (3%) overall.
  • This indicates a substantial reduction in vehicle-related air pollution.

Final report

The following report was prepared by Rare / Pitt & Sherry, and provides a summary of the Victorian FleetWise program and the insights gained.

Participant case studies

Seven of the organisations participating in the Victorian FleetWise program have documented their individual fleet achievements in the case studies below.

Bayside City Council

CitiPower and Powercor Australia

Eastern Health

Gippsland Lakes Community Health



SNAP Gippsland

About the program

The Victorian FleetWise program ran from 2011 to 2013 and included:

  • an information, promotion and recruitment phase
  • baseline data workshops to assist participants in developing a tailored fleet improvement plan
  • a one year implementation period for participants to pursue fleet improvement actions
  • a review and assessment phase to measure improvements to fleet performance.

Throughout the information and promotion phase, the Victorian FleetWise program engaged 181 Victorian organisations in both the public and private sector. All of these organisations received a presentation on FleetWise and information on fleet improvement practices.

12 organisations ranging in size, sector and function enrolled to participate in the one year pilot program.

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