Fairness Fund

The Victorian Government's Fairness Fund is providing targeted financial support to taxi and hire car licence holders who need it most.

Applications to the Victorian Government's Fairness Fund have now closed and applications are being assessed against the eligibility criteria as quickly as possible.

Licence holders will begin to learn the outcome of their applications from July 2017. Each applicant will receive a notification letter as soon as their application is finalised, which means some people will learn the outcome of their application before others.

Eligible licence holders will also have access to transition assistance payments. Eligibility for transition assistance payments will be assessed and paid in addition to any payment received from the Fairness Fund.


People who had an ownership interest in a taxi or hire car licence between at any time in the period 1 January 2016 to 23 August 2016 and who are facing significant financial hardship as a result of the proposed reforms may qualify for an assistance payment where any or all of the following can be demonstrated:

  • A lack of current income or the loss of a future income stream that is significantly impacting on household spending capacity
  • Significant difficulty in meeting ongoing debt obligations related to the licence(s) held
  • A lack of available funds to meet financial commitments

Special consideration may also be given to applicants with extenuating circumstances that are resulting in financial hardship of a different nature to that set out above.

Taxi Reform Hardship Fund

The Fairness Fund is separate to the previous $4 million Taxi Reform Hardship Fund. The Fairness Fund is larger and subject to different eligibility criteria.

More information

If you have a question about the Fairness Fund, or your application, please email fairnessfund@ecodev.vic.gov.au or call the department's Fairness Fund support line on 1800 875 122

Page last reviewed on 16 August 2017

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