Taxi Reform Hardship Fund

The Victorian Government has established a $4 million Taxi Reform Hardship Fund to assist perpetual taxi licence owners who may be experiencing severe financial distress as a result of reforms following the 2012 Taxi Industry Inquiry.

The fund is overseen by Chair Janet Dore and a team of externally appointed auditors to ensure all applications are considered fairly and independently.


Perpetual taxi licence owners who meet the following criteria may be eligible for payments from the fund.

Persons who had an ownership interest in a taxi licence between 28 March 2011 and 1 July 2013 and as a direct result of the Taxi Industry Inquiry and subsequent reforms are currently experiencing both:

  • A deficiency in income that would not allow provision for either themselves or their immediate family the necessities of food, shelter, clothing, medical expenses, education for children and other basic requirements; and
  • An inability to liquidate assets in order to either meet the costs of those necessities outlined above or to pay outstanding debts as and when they fall due.

To establish if an applicant meets this criteria, applications will be means tested and assessed against a set of guidelines supporting the criteria outlined above.

Next steps

Applications for the Taxi Reform Hardship Fund have closed.

The KPMG auditing team are now assessing applications against the eligibility criteria.  

In some cases, the auditing team has requested additional information from applicants to enable a full and fair assessment of their application.  Applicants have been given 28 days to respond to this request.

Following completion of this process, fund Chair Janet Dore will make a recommendation to the Minister about allocation of the fund.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the fund are available in the following languages:

If you have any questions in relation to the fund, please email the

Page last reviewed on 13 April 2016

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