Taxi and hire care regulations

The Victorian Government has introduced new regulations to reduce redundant requirements for the taxi and hire car industry while maintaining customer safety and service standards.

The Transport (Buses, Taxi-Cabs and Other Commercial Passenger Vehicles) (Taxi-Cab Industry Accreditation and Other Matters) Regulations 2017 start on 26 June 2017.

The regulations set standards for safety and service quality in the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

The regulations combine, simplify and replace the Transport (Buses, Taxi-Cabs and Other Commercial Passenger Vehicles) Regulations 2005, and the Transport (Taxi-cab Industry Accreditation) Regulations 2007, which were due to expire.

They retain important consumer protections while removing about 30 redundant requirements, which will reduce costs for industry.

Transport For Victoria consulted on the draft regulations and a Regulatory Impact Statement in May 2016, and recommended the final regulations to the Minister for Public Transport.

Notice of Decision

A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) was prepared in relation to the proposed Regulations. The RIS was advertised on 2 May 2016 seeking public comment and 13 submissions were received.

After consideration of these submissions in accordance with section 11 of the Subordinate Legislation Act 1994, the Minister for Public Transport further considered the proposed Regulations and gave notice of her intention to proceed with the making of these regulations with amendments as follows:

  • It will continue to be a requirement for drivers of taxi-cabs to pass on notices of defects to the operator of the taxi-cab (it was proposed to remove this requirement);
  • Security camera specifications will continue to be determined by the Taxi Services Commission instead of being prescribed in a schedule to the regulations;
  • The Regulations will continue to prohibit the consumption of liquor by passengers in taxi-cabs (there was consideration of removing the prohibition);
  • Taxi-cab operators will not be required to comply with the Australian Standard for complaints handling, instead, the existing complaints handling requirements will continue to apply;
  • The new regulations will require the providers of taxi-cab network services to keep records on behalf of a taxi operator if there is an agreement in place for the provider of taxi-cab networks services to do so on behalf of a taxi operator; and
  • There has been minor changes to the records that are required to be kept by the providers of network services regarding the hiring of booking of taxi-cabs.

The Minister for Public Transport recommended to the Governor in Council that the regulations be made and this occurred on 14 June 2017. 

The regulations are available for download on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website.


Page last reviewed on 22 June 2017

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