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VISTA data and publications

To help understand and improve our transport systems, we make VISTA survey data available to the public, transport researchers, local councils and consultants working for the Victorian Government.

VISTA 2013 data

Data from VISTA 2013 is available via an interactive data visualisation tool that allows users to explore the data.

In addition to being available through this tool, it is anticipated that data from the 2013 VISTA survey will be combined with 2014 survey data and made available for download via VISTA Online in 2016.

VISTA Online

VISTA Online is an analysis tool that allows summary tables of travel behaviour to be developed, using a variety of VISTA datasets.

Data from the 2007-08 and 2009-10 surveys, is available through this tool.

Using VISTA Online will allow you to:

  • access detailed travel and activity data without complex analysis software
  • build tables and save them for future reference
  • download data from the tables for analysis in standard spreadsheet packages
  • generate an estimate of the sampling error for any table, giving an indication of data accuracy
  • receive notification of new databases as they are published
  • access unit record (de-identified) VISTA databases in comma separated value format.

An instruction guide for using VISTA Online can be downloaded below:

A reference guide for creating custom VISTA analyses using SuperWeb2 software.

VISTA Online registration is free. Register and access VISTA Online.

Note: Confirmation emails sent as part of the VISTA Online registration process may be automatically redirected to your spam or junk mail folders. Contact the VISTA team at with any other registration problems.

VISTA publications

A selection of publications relating to VISTA are available below.

2013 VISTA survey publications

Previous VISTA survey publications

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