Economic briefing note on employment by industry in August 2016

August 2016

Release date: 22 September 2016
Next release: 22 December 2016

In the August quarter 2016, Victorian total employment (by industry) increased by 13,400 workers. Employment increased in 13 out of 19 industries.

The industries that experienced the largest increases in employment in the August quarter 2016 were education (up 20,300 workers), followed by administrative services (up 11,500 workers), and wholesale trade (up 10,800 workers).

The industries that experienced the largest declines in employment in the August quarter 2016 were construction (down 19,700 workers), followed by retail trade (down 17,400 workers), and agriculture (down 13,100 workers).

The largest employing industries in Victoria were, as at the August quarter 2016, health care (390,000 workers), retail trade (310,000 workers), and manufacturing (274,200 workers). These three industries employed 32 per cent of workers in Victoria in the August quarter 2016.

In the year to the August quarter 2016, Victorian total employment (by industry) increased by 124,400 workers. Employment increased in 15 of the 19 industries.

In the year to the August quarter 2016, the top three industries for job creation in Victoria were wholesale trade (up 26,300 workers), professional services (up 24,700 workers), and health care (up 20,900 workers). The largest declines in employment over the same period were in the retail trade (down 19,300 workers), real estate (down 8600 workers), and agriculture (down 5100 workers) industries.

Employment by industry in Victoria

IndustryTotal August quarter 2016 ('000s)Change since May quarter 2016, ('000s)Annual change to August quarter 2016, ('000s)
Wholesale trade113.310.826.3
Retail trade310.0-17.4-19.3
Accommodation and food209.4-1.816.3
Rental and real estate43.60.3-8.6
Admin services118.811.58.4
Public admin146.40.510.6
Arts and rec63.10.25.2
Other services114.98.76.5

Number of employees in top six industries in Victoria

This is a chart of employment in the top 6 employing industries in Victoria in the August 2016 quarter, Health Care had 389,961 employees, Retail had 310,041 employees, Manufacturing had 274,182 employees, Professional had 274,016 employees, Education had 257,378 employees, and Construction had 255,423 employees.   In the August 2006 quarter, Health Care had 275,414 employees, Retail had 277,792 employees, Manufacturing had 305,284 employees, Professional had 196,454 employees, Education had 188,425 employees, and Construction had 219,711 employees.   In the August 2011 quarter, Health Care had 332,960 employees, Retail had 302,419 employees, Manufacturing had 287,558 employees, Professional had 236,799 employees, Education had 213,983 employees, and Construction had 255,020 employees.   Between August 2006 and August 2011 and between August 2011 and August 2016  respectively, employment in * Health Care grew by 20.9 per cent and grew by 17.1 per cent * Retail grew by 8.9 per cent and grew by 2.5 per cent * Manufacturing fell by -5.8 per cent and fell by -4.7 per cent * Professional grew by 20.5 per cent and grew by 15.7 per cent * Education grew by 13.6 per cent and grew by 20.3 per cent * Construction grew by 16.1 per cent and grew by 0.2 per cent 
IndustryAugust quarter 2006August quarter 2011August quarter 2016
Health275,414322,960 (growth of 20.9% since 2006)389,961 (growth of 17.1% since 2011)
Retail277,792302,419 (growth of 8.9% since 2006)310,041 (growth of 2.5% since 2011)
Manufacturing305,284287,558 (fallen -5.8% since 2006)274,182 (fallen -4.7% since 2011) 
Professional196,454236,799 (growth of 20.5% since 2006)274,016 (growth of 15.7% since 2011)
Education188,425213,983 (growth of 13.6% since 2006)257,378 (growth of 20.3% since 2011)
Construction219,711255,020 (growth of 16.1% since 2006)255,423 (growth of 0.2% since 2011)

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), cat. no. 6291.0, Employment by industry


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