Victoria's aquaculture industry

Victorian aquaculture takes place in a variety of offshore, coastal and inland facilities and produces trout, abalone, blue mussels, aquarium finfish, Murray cod, barramundi and yabbies.

The chart below shows Victorian aquaculture production by sector since 1989.

Figure 1: Victorian aquaculture production by sector 

Graph displaying aquaculture sector production from 1989 to 2015. Abalone production increased from 1 million to 16 million dollars. Trout increased from 6 million to 10 million. Native fish increased from 0 to 5 million between 2000-2015. Bivalves increased from 1 million to 3 million. Aquarium fish decreased from3 million to 2 miilion betwwen 200-2015. Yabby remained low at less then 1 million.

The Victorian Government is offering marine aquaculture sites within seven fisheries reserves across Port Phillip Bay and Western Port in 2017. The sites will create opportunities for substantial new investment in marine aquaculture and a significant increase in shellfish production.

Figure 2: Key production locations for Victorian aquaculture

The maps shows that Murray cod production is predominately in the NW of Victoria. Trout production in the NE. Goldfish in the east. Barramundi, mussels and yabby in the Melbourne region and abalone along the SW region.

Private sector investment in Victorian aquaculture today is estimated at more than $150 million and includes world-class examples of coastal abalone, offshore shellfish and freshwater finfish production facilities.

Find out more about Victorian aquaculture on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Page last updated: 9 May 2017