Victoria's food and fibre export performance report

Victoria is exporting more food and fibre than any other state in Australia, representing a total value of $11.9 billion in 2015-16, making up 26 per cent of national food exports.

Victorian Food and Fibre exports 2015-2016. The infographic displays the following. Total $11.9billion. Horticulture = $1.2billion. Prepared Food = $1.3billion, Animal Fibre = $1.6billion, Dairy = $1.9 billion, Meat = $2.7 billion

In 2015-16 food exports alone were worth $8.6 billion while fibre products were valued at $3.3 billion.  Prepared foods increased by 38 per cent from the previous year and horticulture exports continued to perform strongly earning $1.1 billion.

 Average Annual Growth Rate over the past 5 years. Animale fibre grew to 5%. Seafood grew to 6%. Prepared foods grew to 11%, Meat grew to 13%, Horticulture grew to 26 %

Highlights of the report include:

  • China was Victoria's top food and fibre export valued at $3.1 billion, up 10 per cent
  • Horticulture exports increased 31 per cent to $1.1 billion
  • Wine production increased by 26 per cent to $251 million
  • Prepared foods surged by 38 per cent to $1.3 billion
  • Red meat ($2.7 billion), dairy ($1.9 billion), animal fibre ($1.6 billion), grains ($967 million).

Further details of 2015-16 Food and Fibre Export Performance Report is available from our Agriculture Victoria website.

Page last updated: 17 November 2016