Defence technologies

Victoria plays a critical role in the development and sustainment of Australia's defence capacity, and is recognised globally for innovation and world-class defence industry capabilities.

The state has a proven track record in delivering major Australian defence projects and international defence projects, including platforms and capabilities for the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Victoria's defence sector contributes up to $8 billion to the state's economy annually. The defence industry includes more than 300 businesses and directly employs around 7000 people who make equipment and provide services for defence activities.

With the transformation of technology, the Australian manufacturers and service providers which supply the defence industry have had to adapt and invest in research development, skills and technology.

Victoria has played a big part in leading this transition, helping to meet the need for ever more advanced technologies across land, maritime, aerospace and electronic and ICT/cyber defence domains.

In particular our strengths in research and development, supported by our world-class tertiary education sector and leading defence science institutions, have led to Victoria maintaining its defence capability edge.

The Victorian Government's support for increased innovation, growth and jobs through investment in the industry aims to shore up this leading edge for years to come.

Victoria's strengths

Victoria's defence excellence is highlighted by:

  • Australia's highest concentration of advanced defence technology capability.
  • Competitive advantages include engineering, design, research, advanced manufacturing, cyber technologies, robotics and professional services.
  • Capabilities in future defence industry growth areas, such as cyber security, military vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerospace technology and defence service provision.
  • World class research and development sector supported by a world class tertiary education sector.

Sector strategy

The Defence Technologies Sector Strategy is available on Business Victoria's Future Industries page.

Australian Maritime Innovation Centre proposal

A consortium of Australia's leading maritime research organisations and the Victorian Government propose the establishment of an Australian Maritime Innovation Centre (AMIC) headquartered in Melbourne. This proposal has been developed for the consideration of the Australian Government and the Department of Defence.


AMIC will operate as a national, networked research and development centre with offices distributed across the nation. It would support shipbuilding operations in South Australia and Western Australia, and naval sustainment operations nationally.

A proposed operational model outlines how the Department of Defence and key partners will collaborate through AMIC. Governance, program management and research coordination arrangements will ensure Defence and Navy have tactical, strategic and security oversight of all activities.


Boston Consulting Group report

A snapshot of Victoria's Defence Technologies sector Transport, Defence and Construction Technology Fact Pack - Boston Consulting Group (PDF 903.26 KB)PDF icon compiled by the Boston Consulting Group.

Defence contacts

Defence Sector Development Team
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Phone: +61 (3) 9651 8053
Email the Defence Sector Development Team

Victorian Defence Procurement Office
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Phone: +61 (3) 5227 8766
Email the Victorian Defence Procurement Office

Mr Greg Combet AM
Victorian Defence Industry Advocate
Phone: +61 (3) 9651 8053
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