Apprentices soar at South Melbourne's vertical school

Published: 16 June 2017

Apprentices, trainees and cadets are taking the state's first vertical government school in South Melbourne to new heights as the Victorian Government builds a skilled workforce for the future.

The five-storey prep to year 6 primary school will accommodate up to 525 students when it opens early next year.

The project has created around 75 construction jobs – including up to 37 opportunities for apprentices, trainees and cadets through the Victorian Government's Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG).

The MPSG requires contractors on major infrastructure projects to ensure apprentices, trainees and cadets are responsible for at least 10 per cent of total labour hours.

The policy has already been applied to 20 major government projects, creating more than 1,300 employment opportunities for young workers.

South Melbourne Primary School was recently awarded the Future Project of the Year at the 2016 World Architecture Festival Awards in Berlin for its sustainable and energy-efficient design.

Victoria's massive infrastructure pipeline is creating more than 50,000 jobs, with about 5,000 construction jobs to be created through school infrastructure alone.

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Video transcript

Major Projects Skills Guarantee - Creating opportunities for young Victorians

Wade Noonan - Minister for Industry and Employment

[Vision:  construction site building]

I'm absolutely delighted to be here at the construction site of the South Melbourne Primary School.

[Vision:  Wade Noonan speaking with staff]

This is a very exciting project, a $44 million project. 

[Vision:  Construction site - staff working]

This is a great demonstration of the Government's commitments to jobs and in particular jobs for young people, particularly through apprenticeships, traineeships and cadetships.

[Vision:  Wade Noonan speaking - Wade Noonan speaking with apprentices]

Now I've been very fortunate this morning to already have met a number of apprentices and cadets working on this project, and will see about 37 trainees, cadets and apprentices moving through the site.

[Vision: Apprentice speaking with Wade Noonan - reels]

So it's terrific to see young people working and getting a start on some of the state's biggest projects.

[Vision:  Apprentices working]

In all, since the 1st of January last year, through our Major Projects Skills Guarantee, we've got more than 1300 opportunities for apprentices, trainees and cadets, to work on about 20 projects across the state.

[Vision:  Wade Noonan speaking - construction site]

So we're very pleased to be giving young people the opportunity, the start on these projects, whether it be an apprenticeship in plumbing, electrical work, in carpentry or engineering cadetships for example, there is great opportunity to learn skills and we're so very proud as a government to be giving those opportunities to those young people.

[Victoria State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]