New Pakenham train depot delivers hundreds of local jobs

Published: 5 April 2017

Work is underway to build a new, state-of-the-art train depot for Melbourne's new bigger trains, creating hundreds of local jobs in Pakenham East.

The new 118-hectare facility will house and maintain the Victorian Government's new fleet of high-capacity metro trains (HCMTs). It will include maintenance facilities, a train simulator and stabling for up to 30 trains. It will be built with 87 per cent local content – creating 400 jobs during construction and supporting 100 skilled ongoing jobs once the facility is operational.

The depot will also provide skills and opportunities to young workers and those reskilling from other industries.

At least 15 per cent of the work carried out on the more than $2 billion HCMT project will be done by apprentices, trainees and cadets, and 7 per cent of the workforce will be filled by workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The 65 HCMTs will all be built in Newport – creating 1,110 local jobs. The new Pakenham East facility will complete by the end of 2018, when the first of the 65 new HCMTs is due to arrive.

More information is available on the High Capacity Metro Trains Project webpage.

Watch the video below to see animation showing the new maintenance depot.

Video transcript

High Capacity Metro Trains Project - new maintenance depot

[Title:  High Capacity Metro Trains Project - New Maintenance Depot]

[Vision:  Caterpillar]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport

[Vision:  Artist's impression of high capacity train on track]

This site here is critical to the delivery of those 65 high capacity trains that have been ordered, with a 60% local content requirement.

[Vision:  Aerial view artist impression of Maintenance & Operations Led facility - ground view]

And here, this is where they will be - there will be stabling for up to 30 of these trains.  This will be a major maintenance, train washing, driver training centre, that will see 100 people permanently based here.

[Vision:  Aerial view artist impression of trains at stabling yard]

And there'll also be a high tech simulator as part of this massive complex, providing the training for the future.

Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria

[Vision:  Workmen at construction site - artist impression of site]

This is something like 20,000 square metres, 300 acre site, 67 Olympic size swimming pools worth of shedding.  That's a pretty big depot, purpose built, state of the art.

[Daniel Andrews speaking - workmen - caterpillar]

It's going to be, when it's finished, a very impressive addition to the infrastructure that makes up our public transport network, 400 jobs during construction.  I know that's very much welcomed in this local community, and 100 jobs ongoing.  Again, that's great news for families here in the growing south east.

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

So, all of this essentially is more jobs, putting locals first, putting Victorian jobs first.

[Vision:  Aerial view artist impression of maintenance depot]

And making sure that we've got the best possible public transport system for a growing Victorian community, that's exactly what we are giving each and every single Victorian.

[Victorian State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]