Sky High crowds at Avalon Airshow

Published: 10 March 2017

The 2017 Australian International Airshow smashed its 2015 attendance by an impressive 40,000, with 210,664 people turning out to watch the world's best aircraft take to the skies.

The Airshow – which ran from Tuesday 28 February to Sunday 5 March – is one of the largest items on Victoria's action-packed major events calendar.

For the three-day trade period, more than 33,000 international delegates from 45 countries were in town to see Victoria's world-class expertise in aviation, aerospace and defence, and to witness first-hand the arrival of the Joint Strike Fighter.

The Airshow is one of Asia-Pacific's leading industry events and was expected to create more than 2,000 jobs and boost the Victorian economy by up to $150 million.

Video transcript

Australian International Airshow 2017

[Vision:  Joint Strike Fighters - bi-plane - Victoria State Government Australia signage]

Hon Wade Noonan - Minister for Industry and Employment

We're showcasing our capabilities in aviation, Aerospace, and of course defence.

[Vision:  Aerial view from plane - Defence saluting - pilot - Joint Strike Fighter]

Ian Honnery - CEO Aerospace Australia Ltd.

This is exciting. 

[Vision:  Joint Strike fighter]

And it is a great honour for our Airshow, to be selected for the Joint Strike photo to make its Australian debut.

Hon Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria

[Vision:  Daniel Andrews and Wade Noonan talking with people - Joint Strike Fighter taking off]

What more fitting place for the Joint Strike fighter to be able to be showcased, to what will be a very excited crowd I know.

[Vision:  Joint Strike Fighter flying - people at Airshow - Hall 2 - air traffic control - aeroplane model]

Dr Kathy Alexande3r - Chair of the Panel of Administrators for City of Greater Geelong

This event brings a great buzz to our city, with around 170,000 visitors in 2015, and hopefully a lot more this year.

[Vision:  Man using 3D - aeroplane - Wade Noonan talking with people - Turbine engine]

Hon Wade Noonan

[Vision:  Bi-plane - aeroplanes]

An event like this injects about $150 million into our local economy, and creates about 2,000 jobs.

Dr Amanda Caples - Lead Scientist - DEDJTR

[Vision:  Victoria sign - plane landing - people mingling - Dr Amanda Caples speaking]

I think support from the Victorian Government's important both from the industries point of view, but also to encourage women to consider these industries.

Rohan Stocker - CEO Marand Precision Engineering

The Australian International Airshow is really important to the Marand business.

[Vision:  Victorian Defence Alliances signage - people mingling and talking - Deakin display - various displays]

It enables us to talk with senior executives from our customer organisations, as well as to interface with both Federal and State Government representatives.

[Vision:  Defence staff talking with Wade Noonan]

Barrie Finnin - CEO - Amaero

Companies are coming from all over the globe, focusing in, here in Avalon.

[Vision:  Victoria signage - Barrie Finnin speaking]

Victoria actually has some very innovative companies.

[Vision:  People mingling and talking - people posing for photograph]

Laura Anderson - Chair SVI Global

The Victorian Government's done so many amazing things for all of us.

[Vision:  Joint Strike Fighter flying]

The key opportunities are for women to just maximise their potential, but also to continue to raise the bay.  So it's about stepping in and stepping up.

Jeff Lang - Technical Director - Titomic

[Vision:  Various displays]

As a Victorian company it gives us a huge opportunity to showcase what we have to a wider market.

Bruce Moors - General Manager at Ocean Software

The Australian Airshow allows Ocean to connect with many of our customers.

[Vision:  Daniel Andrews talking with people - Jeff Lang speaking - Joint Strike Fighter landing]

The skills and the people that we have in Victoria, and the education facilities, allow us to be able to draw from that and contribute to what is a very significant industry.

[Rohan Stocker speaking - Rohan Stocker speaking with Daniel Andrews]

It's really great to have the Victorian Government behind those alliances and supporting companies like us.

[Vision:  Joint Strike Fighter doing a fly-by - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]