Review of the Long Service Leave Act 1992

Update: On the 23rd August 2017 the Minister for Industrial Relations introduced a Bill to enact new long service leave arrangements. Find out more about the Long service reform.

Long Service Leave (LSL) is a long standing entitlement of Victorian workers. It can provide:
  • a reward for long and faithful service with one employer; and
  • a period of respite to allow employees to re-energise their working life while continuing their service with their employer.

The Victorian Government undertook to review the LSL Act. The review will look at a number of matters relating to the clarity and fairness of the Long Service Leave Act.The Victorian Government would like to hear your views about the operation of the Long Service Leave Act. Are there other changes you would like to see to make the LSL Act fairer or more flexible for employers and employees? For example:

  • Should the LSL Act provide more flexibility in taking periods of leave, so long as both the employer and the employee agree?
  • Should LSL be able to be cashed out, if both parties agree?
  • Can the language in the LSL Act be made simpler?

The information you provide will help to inform the government in considering options for reform.

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