Department's organisation chart

The organisation chart shows the executive level staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

Download the department's current organisation chart DEDJTR organisation chart (PDF 31.17 KB)PDF icon (as of 1 February 2018)


Minister Jacinta Allan

  • Minister for Public Transport
  • Minister for Major Projects

Minister Philip Dalidakis

  • Minister for Trade and Investment
  • Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy
  • Minister for Small Business

Minister John Eren

  • Minister for Tourism and Major Events

Minister Martin Foley

  • Minister for Creative Industries

Minister Ben Carroll

  • Minister for Industry and Employment

Minister Jaala Pulford

  • Minister for Agriculture
  • Minister for Regional Development

Minister Natalie Hutchins

  • Minister for Industrial Relations

Minister Luke Donnellan

  • Minister for Ports
  • Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Minister Tim Pallas

  • Minister for Resources

Secretary: Richard Bolt

Office of the Secretary

  • Director: Sharn Enzinger

Industrial Relations Victoria

  • Deputy Secretary: Matt O'Connor

Office of the Lead Scientist

  • Lead Scientist: Amanda Caples

DEDJTR Executive Board

Employment, Investment and Trade

  • Head: Justin Hanney

Employment, Investment and Trade - Agriculture Victoria

  • Chief Executive Deputy Secretary: Emily Phillips

Agriculture, Food and Fibre

  • Deputy Secretary: Emily Phillips

Strategy and Planning

  • Lead Deputy Secretary: Anthea Harris

Corporate Services

  • Lead Deputy Secretary: Luke Wilson

Transport for Victoria

  • Head: Gillian Miles

Major Transport Infrastructure Program

  • Coordinator General: Corey Hannett

DEDJTR Structure

  • Employment, Investment and Trade group
  • Strategy and Planning group / Corporate Services group
  • Transport
    • Transport for Victoria group
    • Major Transport Infrastructure Program group

Agriculture Victoria Research group

  • Deputy Secretary: German Spangenberg

Employment, Investment and Trade group

  • Employment, Investment and Trade, Head: Justin Hanney
  • Employment, Investment and Trade - Agriculture Victoria, Chief Executive, Deputy Secretary Agriculture Food and Fibre: Emily Phillips


Employment, Investment and Trade

  • Chief Operating Officer: Monique Dawson

Investment and Economic Projects

  • Deputy Secretary: Matt Carrick

Regional Development Victoria

  • Chief Executive: James Flintoft

Trade Victoria

  • A/ Deputy Secretary: Gonul Serbest

Policy, Programs, Small Business and Employment

  • Deputy Secretary: Lill Healy

Industry Development and Innovation

  • Deputy Secretary: Tim Ada


  • Deputy Secretary:  Peter Betson

Creative and Visitor Economies

  • Creative Victoria Chief Executive, Deputy Secretary: Andrew Abbott

Strategy and Planning group / Corporate Services

  • Strategy and Planning, Lead Deputy Secretary: Anthea Harris
  • Corporate Services, Lead Deputy Secretary: Luke Wilson


Economic Strategy and Performance

  • Executive Director: Graeme Maddern

Emergency Management

  • Executive Director: Mark Duckworth

Legal and Legislation

  • A/ Executive Director General Counsel: Annette Wiltshire

Strategic Communications

  • Executive Director: Tess Hughes

Financial Management

  • A/ Chief Financial Officer: Simon Burrage

Ministerial and Portfolio Services

  • Executive Director: James Kelly

People and Workplace Services

  • Executive Director: Vicki Lahey

Strategic Procurement

  • Chief Procurement Officer: Lisa Williams

Technology Services

  • A/ Chief Information Officer: Chris Gilmore

Corporate Services Centre

  • Executive Director: Gordon Caris

Asset and Networks

Deputy Head: Paul Younis

Policy and Reform

Deputy Head: Michael Hopkins

Rolling Stock Development

Chief Executive Officer: Wendy McMilan

Operational Coordination

Deputy Secretary: Melanie Nanscawen

Investment and Business

Deputy Secretary: Kerry Thompson

Transport for Victoria

  • Transport for Victoria, Head: Gillian Miles

Public Transport Victoria

  • Chief Executive: Jeroen Weimar

Vic Roads

  • A/ Chief Executive: Peter Todd

Major Transport Infrastructure Program group

  • Major Transport Infrastructure Program, Coordinator General: Corey Hannett

Level Crossing Removal Authority

  • Chief Executive Officer: Kevin Devlin

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority

  • Chief Executive Officer: Evan Tattersall

North East Link Authority

  • Chief Executive Officer: Duncan Elliot

Western Distribution Authority

  • Chief Executive Officer: Peter Sammut

Page last updated: 1 February 2018