Emergency functions of the department

For the latest information on any emergency in Victoria visit Emergency Management Victoria.

The department works closely with Emergency Management Victoria, other government agencies, industry stakeholders and the community to help ensure Victoria can prevent, prepare, respond and recover from any emergency we may face.

The department's emergency management accountabilities are set out in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria. The department is the state's lead agency for:

  • Chemical contamination of livestock or agricultural produce
  • Marine pollution response (i.e. oil spills)
  • Biosecurity incursions, including:
    • Outbreaks of exotic animal diseases (such as in fish and bees)
    • Outbreaks of plant pests or diseases (such as plague locusts)
    • Incursions of invasive plants or animals
    • Rapid and significant increases in established pest populations
  • Disruption to the fuel supply network – e.g. natural gas, petroleum and liquid fuels (including LPG).

Page last updated: 20 July 2016