Transport technologies

Victoria continues to be a leader in transport-related products and services, with the transport equipment sector Victoria's second largest manufacturing industry.

The sector employs about 29,000 people – about 10 per cent of Victoria's manufacturing workforce - and contributes about $3.5 billion to the state's economy each year.

With annual patronage on Victorian trains and trams expected to grow by 47% in the next decade, investing in transport infrastructure and technologies will be crucial to the movement of more people and goods around the state.

Transport technologies emerging today, such as electrification technology in buses, are set to play a big part in this.

The state has long been the hub for the manufacture of trains and rolling stock in, and our vision is to see Victoria become a leading producer of high-value transport-related products in the Asia-Pacific region by 2025.

We are also committed to building up Victoria's transport network and supporting workers and businesses in the automotive industry to transition into new markets post 2017.

Victoria's strengths

The state's strengths are:

  • World-class research partnerships for developing and commercialising advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Rapidly growing demand for public transport.
  • A highly skilled manufacturing and ICT workforce.
  • Significant government investment in transport infrastructure over the next decade.

Sector strategy

Transport Technologies Sector Strategy Business Victoria Future Industries page

Boston Consulting Group report

A snapshot of Victoria's Transport Technologies sector Transport, Defence and Construction Technology Fact Pack - Boston Consulting Group (PDF 671.2 KB)PDF icon by the Boston Consulting Group.

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