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[Title: Monash Freeway Upgrade]

The Victorian Government is widening and upgrading the Monash Freeway Upgrade as part of the Western Distributor Project.

The project includes a 44 kilometre upgrade along the Monash Freeway between Chadstone and Pakenham to help cut traffic congestion and get you home sooner and safer.

30 kilometres of additional lanes, widening from four to five lanes between EastLink and South Gippsland Freeway, and two to three lanes from South Gippsland Freeway to Clyde Road will cut congestion on the Monash and save 10 minutes in travel time per day.

Ramp signals will control the flow of traffic entering the freeway, while overhead electronic signs and smart technology, such as automatic incident detection, will help to keep traffic moving to ease congestion and assist with reliability during an incident.

Together with the Western Distributor, this network wide solution will reduce congestion, improve safety and reliability and streamline traffic from Geelong to Pakenham.

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Page last updated: 24 January 2017