Australian Open video transcript

Aus Open set to serve up big numbers for Victoria – YouTube


[Title: Aus Open to serve up big numbers for Victoria]

[Music playing.]


  1. Aerial view of Melbourne's tennis precinct, including Rod Laver Arena and the city in the background.
  2. [The 2016 Australian Open was a smashing success...]
  3. People walking up the steps to Rod Laver Arena.
  4. Two young boys holding large novelty tennis balls, looking at the camera with their thumbs up.
  5. A male and female teenager with the Australian flag painted on their faces, waving at the camera.
  6. A sped up aerial view of crowds moving around the tennis grounds.
  7. [...injecting $278 million dollars into Victoria's economy...]
  8. Footage showing the blue hard court in Rod Laver Arena.
  9. Tennis player, Lleyton Hewitt, celebrating on court.
  10. Tennis player, Andy Murray, celebrating on court with the crowd standing and clapping behind.
  11. Tennis player, Daria Gavrilova, smiling sideways at the crowd in the tennis arena.
  12. Tennis player, Novak Djokovich, celebrating on court.
  13. [...attracting over 720,000 fans...]
  14. Close up of tennis player, Rafael Nadal, playing on court.
  15. Tennis player, Serena Williams, celebrating on court.
  16. Tennis player, Novak Djokovich, looking up at the crowd from the tennis court while they celebrate.
  17. [...who stayed more than half a million nights.]
  18. Close up of retired tennis player, Boris Becker, looking across the camera.
  19. Tennis player, Andy Murray, playing a shot on the court.
  20. Tennis player, Serena Williams, playing a shot on the court.
  21. Hand of an unknown tennis player bouncing the ball on the tennis court.
  22. [1109 jobs were created...]
  23. Tennis player, Milos Raonic, playing a shot on court.
  24. Sped up view of a camera walking down a corridor, featuring drawings of famous tennis players on the walls.
  25. Two tennis players walking down the stairs onto the tennis court, with a video cameraman walking in front of them.
  26. Crowd celebrating in the stands of Rod Laver Arena.
  27. [...building a stronger Victoria...]
  28. Children jumping in the air in front of a fan blowing mist.
  29. Crowd walking past fans blowing mist.
  30. A group of men, dressed in tennis outfits, drinking beer and celebrating.
  31. Two young people, wearing cork hats labelled with 'Australia', swinging the corks from side to side.
  32. [...this is Australia's biggest event...]
  33. A man with the Australian flag painted on his face waves two small Australian flags in front of the camera.
  34. Crowd dancing and celebrating in front of a stage in the tennis grounds, with a DJ playing music.
  35. Two women hug and look at the camera, with a crowd in the background.
  36. Three women sit in deck chairs, waving and smiling at the camera with a crowd behind them.
  37. [...ours in Melbourne until 2036.]
  38. Tennis player, Roger Federer, playing a shot on court.
  39. Close up of a ball girl watching a point being played on court.
  40. Tennis player, Lleyton Hewitt, walks onto Rod Laver Arena, with the crowd standing and cheering.
  41. An unknown female tennis player celebrating on court.
  42. Tennis player, Novak Djokovich, celebrating on court.
  43. Tennis player, Angelique Kerber, holds up the championship trophy at the Australian Open.
  44. Aerial view of Rod Laver Arena, with the crowd standing up.

[The Australian Open – in Melbourne, Australia's sporting capital]

[State Government of Victoria logo]

[Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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