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Victoria's unemployment rate has fallen significantly since November 2014, from 6.6% to 5.7% in March 2016, and it continues to look positive with the fastest employment growth in the nation in 2015. Victoria's population is also growing at around 1.7% per year. The nature of our work is changing too, with part-time work a growing portion of employment, and a shift from manufacturing industries towards service-based industries. While the economy is well positioned for continuing growth, there are pockets of the community in Victoria who still face challenging times and require support to create jobs and improve prospects. The Victorian Government is facing these challenges head on, with a number of initiatives designed to create jobs, boost productivity, and build communities.

The 2016/17 State Budget committed $12.3 billion to build schools, upgrade hospitals and health facilities, expand the rail network and cut congestion. These investments will directly create more than 15,000 jobs in the short term and stimulate growth in the long term. The government is also supporting Victorian businesses with real potential to expand into new markets and develop new products, generating even more jobs into the future.

Jobs Vic underpins the government's approach to economic growth and public infrastructure investment to ensure that disadvantaged Victorians are not left behind. Through the Major Project Skills Guarantee the government has made a commitment that all publicly funded works contracts valued at or over $20 million (inclusive of GST) will be required to use local apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets for at least 10 per cent of the total estimated labour hours.

Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN)

The Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) is the Victorian Government's new program to help disadvantaged Victorian jobseekers to gain employment. It is a key initiative of Jobs Victoria, which received $53 million in the 2016/17 Victorian Budget.

JVEN significantly expands employment assistance to disadvantaged jobseekers, providing additional resources in communities across Victoria to assist unemployed people into work. JVEN funding will provide flexible, responsive assistance to unemployed Victorians who struggle to gain a foothold in the labour market. A key component of the program will be its close engagement with employers.

More information about JVEN:
Jobs Victoria presentation Jobs Victoria Information Sessions Presentation (PDF 404.22 KB)PDF icon
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Boston Consulting Group – population cohorts of Victoria fact pack

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) produced numerous reports for the department in 2015 that have made an important contribution to understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by Victoria's key industry sectors and diverse regions. The BCG reports contain detailed analysis of the major sectors of the state economy and suggest areas for further investigation.

The Population Cohorts of Victoria Fact Pack Population Cohorts of Victoria Fact Pack - Boston Consulting Group (PDF 1479.06 KB)PDF icon, produced in April 2015, focuses on how different demographic cohorts in Victoria are affected by changing workforce and industry structures. It considers the most vulnerable cohorts based on employment outcomes and industry trends.

An accessible version of this document is currently not available. Work to create an accessible version may already be in progress or an accessible version can be provided on request. Please contact the Digital and Social Media team, if you need further information about this document.

Please note, the BCG fact packs were reports to government not reports of government. All the recommendations they contain are recommendations made by BCG and they are not government policy.

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