Guidelines and templates

VIPP guidelines

The VIPP Agency Guidelines and VIPP Supplier Guidelines are the primary documents used to communicate how the VIPP should be applied to government procurement activities to the two primary audiences.

VIPP agency guideline

The VIPP agency guidelines provide steps for how Victorian Government agencies (which covers all public sector bodies) should apply VIPP to their procurement activities.

Download the VIPP agency guidelinesVIPP Agency guidelines (DOCX 109.36 KB)DOCX icon

The VIPP management centre for agencies presentation VIPP Presentation agency (PPT 3726.5 KB)PPT icon provides assistance for agencies on how to navigate ICN Victoria's VIPP Management Centre, including examples and screenshots of the contestability assessment, VIPP plan and ICN certification letter. An accessible version of the presentation transcript VIPP Presentation agency (DOCX 36.28 KB)DOCX icon is also available.

VIPP supplier guidelines

The VIPP supplier guidelines outline the steps to be undertaken by businesses to bid for government work when VIPP has been applied.

Download the VIPP supplier guidelinesVIPP Supplier guidelines (DOCX 83.72 KB)DOCX icon

The VIPP Management Centre for suppliers presentation VIPP Presentation supplier (PPTX 2705.8 KB)PPTX icon provides assistance to suppliers on using the VIPP Management Centre, as well as screenshots of a VIPP plan and certification letter. An accessible version of the presentation transcript VIPP Supplier presentation (DOCX 36.13 KB)DOCX icon is also available.

VIPP templates and model clauses

The VIPP plan form is available as an online form from the ICN's VIPP Management Centre. This online form has enhanced assistance features which will give you real-time help to prepare your VIPP Plan.

The VIPP model clauses VIPP Model clauses (DOCX 423.55 KB)DOCX icon have been prepared by the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office to provide Victorian public sector bodies (agencies) with model clauses to apply VIPP in request for tender documentation and within contracts for VIPP applicable activities. The model clauses are a guide and should be amended as appropriate to align with each state contracting agency's tender and contracting documents where required.

The VIPP monitoring table VIPP Monitoring table (DOCX 22.6 KB)DOCX icon must be completed and submitted by the agency to ICN Victoria for review at the completion of a contract, as part of the post-contract verification process.

Financial reporting directions

Department of Treasury and Finance issues financial reporting directions and guidance for public sector bodies. The financial reporting direction for VIPP is FRD 25C.

You can download a state government definition of regional Victoria Meaning of Regional Victoria (DOCX 22.61 KB)DOCX icon based upon the Regional Growth Fund Act 2011.

Page last updated: 9 January 2017