Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria

The Industry Capability Network Victoria Ltd (ICN) is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Victorian Government whose primary aim is to maximise opportunities for Victorian Industry.

ICN administers the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) on behalf of the Victorian Government. It plays a key role in liaising with government agencies and bidders in VIPP applicable projects and procurements and publishing a forward plan of larger procurement projects to ensure local suppliers have an opportunity to register interest in upcoming government projects.

ICN administers the VIPP Management Centre, an online system developed to manage the application of VIPP by suppliers and government agencies.

How can ICN assist with the VIPP?

ICN services are available at no cost to support suppliers and government buyers through the VIPP process. Specifically ICN can assist with:

  • identification and selection of products and services that meet the contract requirements on a best value basis
  • monitoring and reporting on the outcomes for local industry involvement.

What other services does ICN provide?

ICN can assist businesses, particularly SMEs, through:

  • its expert knowledge in local industry capability
  • matching local SMEs to business opportunities identified from ICN's diverse range of activities
  • connecting Victorian businesses to significant opportunities from major Australian projects particularly within the mining, oil and gas sectors
  • providing an online portal for buyers and suppliers looking to connect with business opportunities.

Further information

Visit the ICN website to:

  • create a new VIPP account
  • find out how to fulfil your VIPP requirements
  • find out information about government funded projects.

Visit the ICN gateway to:

  • register your business capability
  • access project opportunities
  • search for suppliers.

ICN has offices around Victoria. Visit the ICN website for your nearest office.

For further information on the VIPP, contact ICN at (03) 9864 6700.

Page last updated: 9 September 2016