Agriculture and fisheries


Agriculture Victoria works with the agriculture and fisheries industries on research, development and extension to improve production, connect the sector with international markets, support development and maintain effective biosecurity controls.

Fisheries' primary role is the regulation of commercial and recreational fisheries and aquaculture to ensure the sustainable management of fish resources in Victoria for social, economic and cultural benefit.


Strategies and initiatives

Victoria’s Animal Welfare Action Plan

The Victorian Government is developing the first ever Action Plan for Victoria’s animals.

Please visit Victoria’s Draft Action Plan for animal welfare to find out more.

Wine industry development strategy

The purpose of the Wine industry development strategy will be to improve the long term performance and sustainability of the wine industry in Victoria.

Victorian Aboriginal fishing strategy

The department is committed to working with the Aboriginal community and other fishing sectors to sustainably manage fish resources in freshwater and saltwater country, through the Victorian Aboriginal fishing strategy.

Invasive plants and animals policy framework

The Invasive plants and animals policy framework presents the government's approach to the management of invasive species.

Viticulture biosecurity strategic plan

The objectives of the Viticulture biosecurity strategic plan are to provide a biosecurity policy forum for government and major stakeholders and to provide leadership in the planning and management of state vine health issues.

Victorian wild harvest abalone fishery management plan

The Victorian wild harvest abalone fishery management plan specifies the objectives, strategies and actions for managing the fishery.


Drought response program

The government has allocated $27 million to  ensure drought affected communities are supported.

Supporting the dairy industry

The government is working closely with the dairy industry to support farms impacted by the issues facing the industry.

Target One Million

The government is committed to delivering its Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which aims to grow participation to one million anglers by 2020.

Project Regeneration

The government is investing $8.5 million to upgrade its VicTrack rail sidings, as part of GrainCorp's historic $85 million Project Regeneration

Grants, awards and scholarships

Young farmers scholarship program

Young farmers in Victoria can access scholarships of up to $10,000 to help boost skills and implement new on-farm initiatives.

Food Source Victoria

Food Source Victoria offers grants for food producers and businesses to develop growth plans, support export growth and create quality jobs. It also offers scholarships for professionals in regional agri-food businesses.

Horticulture innovation fund

The Horticulture innovation fund supports industry to partner with research organisations on projects that use new technologies and techniques for improving overall economic performance.

Wine growth fund

The Wine growth fund offers grants that support initiatives to develop the Victorian wine industry.

Rural women's award

The Rural women's award recognises the contribution Victorian women make to primary industry and rural communities.

Recreational fishing grants program

The Recreational fishing grants program disburses revenue from the sale of recreational fishing licences to projects that will improve recreational fishing in Victoria.

Stronger fishing clubs grants program

The Stronger fishing clubs grants program provides an opportunity for eligible angling clubs to access up to $2,000 to promote membership.


Fisheries consultations

Fisheries has a number of current fisheries consultations.

It also has an ongoing program of statutory consultations.

Code of practice for keeping of racing greyhounds

The Victorian Government is urging Victorians to provide their feedback on the Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds, which aims to improve animal welfare.

The draft code and Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) are now open for public comment for 60 days. Improvements to the Code, reflecting community views, will be considered after all submissions are received.

To make a submission on the draft code and RIS visit the Agriculture website.

Divisional owners and entities

Agriculture Victoria Services

Agriculture Victoria Services is the commercial interface between the department and private industry. It protects, manages and commercialises new technologies generated by the agriculture research and development divisions of the department.


Other entities include:

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